Full Version: Now even the church is using those weapons.
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There is a church in Troy Michigan called zion churh, and they are using this kind of weapon, they used this on me many times, and I belived I´m being harassed still. they made me hear things, and see people that aren´t there, they tried to murder me a couple times by simulating an heart attack. At first i was confused, but after finding out about this technology on the internet I´m pretty sure they do use those weapons. Now how can you fight back a bunch of evangelical terrorists?
i think the simulated heart attack appears to be a firm favorite. it depends how high "they" have the frequency aimed at you. that brings about a heart attack scenario. to frustrate. and keep you in a stressful state constantly. these people love negative dark energy. and probably want you out of their community. like they did with me. got other people to ring my home and try to scare me

the church you mention appears to have a youtube channel. looks like they do a lot of work and productions from there. and have access. more than likely to some good gadgets and wave type making equipment
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