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I submitted several posts linking to Danny Hunt's youtube videos on shielding with water. They were deleted from the wiki. Reddit's search engine does not bring them up.

[Shielding: Water] Containers to hold water.

[Shielding: Water] [Shielding: Radiofrequency: Reflection] Protection/shielding vs Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) by Andreas

[Shielding: Ultrasound] [Shielding: Home] Sea Water and Sea Salt by Danny Hunt

[Shielding: Home] 2.4 GHz Radio Transmission Measurements in a Basin filled with Sea Water

[Shielding: Bed, bedding and sleeping bags] Sleeping with a 2 liter water bottle behind the spine

[Shielding: Lasers] Glass water bottles partly shield lasers. Due to water? Or due to both water and glass?

[Shielding: Brain Zapping] Water bottles do shield heavy pressure on the top of the head

[Shielding: Lasers] 13 inch laptop backpack filled with one quart water bottles partially shields kidneys, upper back and shoulders from laser attacks.

[Shielding: Lasers] If don't have a bath tub or jacuzzi, soak in a large garbage can. Use an aquarium heater to keep the water hot.

[Shielding] Long water bottles filled with sea water water draped over galvanized steel trash cans

[Detection: Ionizing radiation] [DEW: Ionizing Radiation] Danny Hunt used geiger counters to measure ionizing radiation outside and inside his water faraday cage.

[Shielding: Water] Magnetic and Electric Effects on Water

[Shielding: Bed] [Shielding: Water] [Shielding: Radiofrequency: Aluminum] Surround bed with bottles of water with aluminum radiant barrier panels as a canopy.

[SHIELDING: HOME] Shielding with water bottles: fresh water vs. sea water vs. pool water attenuation

[SHIELDING: HOME] [SHIELDING: ULTRASOUND] Sea water faraday cage partly shields ultrasound hearing

[Shielding: Room] Wifi-Blocking Materials: Why can’t I get a signal in here? /shielding_room_wifiblocking_materials_why_cant_i/

[Shielding: Microwave Auditory Effect] Ear plugs and water bottles cannot shield the hum.