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I am aware that this forum has been hijacked, but I really need to know the answer to this question. How are the attacks fuelled? Do they run off some kind of battery? This is relevant to shielding, because, if the fuel can be cut off, the harassment cannot proceed.
It is a micro film cassette (implant), can be plugged in, as needed. Be played back, first they heating you (in a nice or fearful state to you conditioning). Then the play during the day and monitored or your follow up you instructions; along with your music or other pursuits, do they also induced dream with their amenities in addition their own (advertising) needs.
It runs behind your head, brain centres and throat, sometimes even using your blood in certain organs. Through your ears flushed is the back and forth to your eyes (they can be look together with you).
Therefore thus you can not good smell or hear or see. The doctors would have make public these practices, but because they have sworn an oath, they leave people to their fate. This method is Eastern European, maybe taken over by other countries. [hr]
...they use sensors in your environment and let their drone or satellite taken the position with gps- tracker or wi-fi (to hypnotize or torture you or to collect the data). They use your own power contact, or that of the neighbors. It can be heard as they hook up (is invisible), but works remotely. You can use electrical corrector but they will than your neighbor's energy draining; small drones can empty your batteries. Everyone can you abuse with it, there is no law that forbid.
QUOTE:They use your own power contact, or that of the neighbors
Thank you. I will make sure they don't use mine. Let the neighbours pay for it!
QUOTE:This method is Eastern European, maybe taken over by other countries
I think that now the method is dissimulated by the Israeli security industry. The Israelis like to make victims pay for the cost of their own persecution.

A sophisticated revenge would be - to take their energy while they are trying to steal yours. Some TIs are shielding themselves by using spent batteries around their bodies. Maybe they should try using rechargeable batteries and see what happens.
Since last posting, this is what I have observed:
They always try to destroy my electrical equipment. They have ruined 9 radios plus electric toothbrushes, kettles etc. I thought this was only malice, but there may also be another reason.

I now use almost no mains electricity. Everything I use runs off batteries. They will often destroy my equipment, but sometimes they are unable to do so, or they can only knock it out temporarily. With the equipment that they are unable to destroy, the battery does not run out. I have a torch with cheap batteries, I bought a year ago in the discount store. It gives strong light and the battery does not run out.

I think it is running on their energy. I think they destroy your stuff in order to prevent this from happening. I think this happens only with batteries. If the equipment is plugged into the mains, then they use it to steal YOUR energy.
I am being very heavily attacked at the moment and this has led to another free energy discovery. I place on the targeted area of my body a heat pad, of the kind you hold in your hand when you go out in cold weather. Normally you place them in hot water or a microwave oven to heat them but I now have mine heated by the perps! This has now happened on three occasions.