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Calling all TI's go to this site immediately and find out the real reason you are being targetted.

Hi tjbaker1979
a summary of your website:
"I am writing this because I am disgusted about the scenario of targeted individuals being left to die and the ugly criminal groups behind the murders pockecting billions of punds.

All I want is £80 UKP plus train fare for the 45minute monologue i'm offering for law enforcement and insurance companies and £6 UKP for each copy of my book. This is to recover the afformentioned costs."

And this:
"You will never be able to work it out without the insider information I have from the gang themselves".

Why would anyone believe you if yours friends join to this conspiracy?
If you really want to help, then go write a book. We are going to publishing so to help other people.
Contact stopeg Krokus (through the buddy list).

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