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Last year a man was prosecuted for aiming a high power lazer light at a police aircraft. Police say the pilot lost control, temporarily blinded by the light.

But what if the the guy with the light was an EH victim, using an effective means to protect himself from police stalking torture???????
its not the government that knocking TI's off its criminal groups who arrange life insurance for their target before doing the dreaded deed.
If he had used the light pen in short bursts of less than a minute they might not have been able to prove it was him.
If taken to court he could maybe plead self defense.
Actually he should win the case because they would have to prove first that they were stalking him to torture him. I have a signed statement from the police saying that they are not following me, so I could just say there was no plane there in the first place. That is a statement from the police themselves.